The Palapa RV Beach Resort Rates

You’ll love our Bolivar Peninsula RV Park rates!

Please note that rates may be adjusted for Holiday Weekends and Special Events

Winter Rates:

October 1 – April 1

Side A: Fits RVs Up To 40 feet$50/night
Side B: Fits RVs Up To 55 feet$60/night
Weekly Rate: Stay 7 days, get one freeSide A: $350
Side B: $420
Monthly Stays: Oct 1- Apr 1Side A: $550 + electric
Side B: $600 + electric

Summer Rates:

April 2 – September 30

Side A (A1-A17): Fits RVs Up To 40 feet$75/night
Side B (B1-B16): Fits RVs Up To 55 feet$85/night
Side A Cul-de-sac$75/night
Weekly Rate:Stay a week, get 1 night free

RV Rate Details:

There are no trail fees for Golf Carts, UTVs, or ATVs.

All rates include all utilities and full access to all facilities.

Only one sleeping unit per site. Max. 6 guests per site.

15-year age limit on RVs

RV Site Rules:

  • Nothing can be stored on an RV site without permission from Management
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance or condition
  • All RV’s and Motorhome must be licensed and have current registration
  • No tents in resort
  • Licensed motorcycles are allowed in the park
  • Golf Carts are allowed but must be properly operated at all times
  • All RV’s must have a proper electrical cord and sewer hose seal
  • Only one camping unit per site
  • Pet Policy – 2 pet maximum per site. Additional pets require prior approval.
  • Dogs that bark incessantly are not allowed
  • Pets may not be kept in cages outside of the RV without prior approval
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times and never left unattended
  • A pet walking area is located to the rear of the campground
  • Children shall be supervised when at the playground
  • Any cars/trucks parked at the campsite must be completely off the road. Additional parking is available at the RV park. Under no circumstances shall any campsite have more than 2 cars/trucks in the RV park. If parking for additional cars/trucks is required, this can be accommodated, but the parking will be “OFF SITE” parking located next to the RV park
  • The Palapa RV Beach Resort is not responsible for any accidents
  • The Palapa RV Beach Resort Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime